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"When I started, I expected to gain insights into how to maximise my potential...and to develop a plan of action to develop new, more empowering habits. I certainly have achieved that and more, and it has changed my life!

One of the things I have found most inspiring is that you care as much about me finding a successful outcome as I do. You have been always available when needed. I have never felt that I have been put through a rigid formula as the programme has been flexible to allow more time for important issues as they arise. You are unfailingly enthusiastic, say it like you see it, and have maintained the utmost confidentiality at all times.

I would highly recommend your coaching process to anyone who feels there is more to life than they are getting out of it now, but don’t know how to do it."

Philip Hodgson
Management Consultant

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"When you approached me about the idea of improving my performance through one−on−one coaching, I was unsure of the benefits that I would receive as I am a very sceptical of these types of offers. At that stage I was questioning everything in my life. I was having problems both in my business and personally and I didn’t know what to do.

I knew I needed to think about things differently and so I decided to invest in coaching even though I hardly had any money; a financial risk that paid itself off many times over.

After a few short weeks I worked out that the strained relationships I was experiencing with my staff and colleagues and the poor store performance had something to do with me. I had to change my perception and the way I looked at things.

The 'self analysis' exercises helped me recognise my own limiting beliefs and attitudes, which prevented me from moving forward...This helped me to become more sensitive to peoples feelings...This sensitivity also had a positive impact in my personal relationships.

You helped me to discover things for myself through your questions and analogies in a way that I could relate to. Your understanding of my issues, knowledge of human nature and easygoing approach contributed to a huge increase in my self confidence. This was the key to a greatly improved and much needed positive attitude.

By overcoming the obstacles that were holding me back, I have successfully grown my turnover by 15−20% and store profit has increased by approximately 30%.

Thank you very much for believing in me and helping me turn my business and personal life around."

Ramey Shamrock – Director
Harvey Norman

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“Darren has carried out numerous training sessions for our company and coached several of my staff over the years and has also been a coach and mentor to each of my children.

Darren is one of the most positive people I have ever met! He has a very worldly approach to life and is able to break challenges down to bite sized pieces. He adds a very positive influence to anyone he is working with.”

Philip Webb − Managing Director
Philip Webb Real Estate

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