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"Darren has worked with our school community for approximately three years (as of 2015). He has delivered his targeted programmes to various groups including staff and parents but his main focus has been with students. Latterly, Darren has worked specifically with our Pasifika students. Pleasingly, student individual NCEA grades improved over time on average but equally satisfying was the clear shift in student attitude and approach to learning and life... Darren's programmes are rich in content and have been carefully designed to challenge individuals on many levels. He takes the time to individualise his programmes to best suit the needs of the students and the school. They are delivered with a strong level of passion and sincerity which the students acknowledge as 'real'. Some of the topics he delivers are hard hitting and provoking which challenge students to break through invisible barriers and to make something of themselves. Topics include 'challenging stereotypes'; 'breaking limiting beliefs'; 'study skills' and 'accountability'."

Iva Ropati – Principal
Howick College, NZ

"Before engaging Success Integrated, we did our due diligence and found that all the testimonials that we read were outstanding and this has been our experience too. When our students walked in to what they thought would be a boring study skills seminar, they were pleasantly surprised. There was a live DJ playing the latest music, a presenter who could make them laugh, could talk to them at their level, motivate & inspire them and offer very practical psychological, resiliency & study skills strategies that kids could relate to and use to tackle the challenges of VCE."

Nici Deller – Director of Literacy Development & Support 
Bacchus Marsh Grammar 

"Dear Darren, this morning's session was excellent. The content covered is the type of advice we try to get across to our students every day (with little effect). This morning our Year 12 students were engaged, motivated and believing in what they were hearing. After the session (before I could ask) students told me how much they enjoyed it and how valuable it was. One girl came to me and asked if she could study in the Library after school because there are too many distractions at home before dinner time. Other classes reported that they worked with Baroque music in the afternoon lessons and we have adopted a new catch phrase ... 'you are NOT a tree!' I was pleased with the communication before the event which allowed me to be fully prepared for the session. DJ Benny was awesome. Set up in plenty of time and, like you, very down to earth and accommodating. Thank you and see you same time next year."

David Kershaw – Year 12 Team Leader   
Melton Secondary College   

“Much of the ‘content’ of Darren’s seminar can be, and in many schools is, delivered in normal classroom sessions, but with limited impact and results. Analysing the feedback forms completed by the boys and talking with many of them after the seminar, it became clear to me that the vast majority of our students found the seminar fun and, more importantly, worthwhile. When asked what they had gained from the seminar, common responses included, an understanding of the principles and processes that contribute to effective learning, a ‘tool-kit’ of effective time-management and study strategies and the confidence and motivation to overcome obstacles and stay focused on achieving academic goals. This is precisely what I had hoped Darren would achieve with our students and, therefore, I feel there is no question that engaging him was a worthwhile investment for the school. I warmly recommend Darren Pereira and his Study Skills for Success seminar. “

Mark Vella - Deputy Headmaster   
               Auckland Grammar School, NZ   

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"Darren has been a highly successful part of our Year 10 Personal Development program for the past 2 years. He has conducted the Shape Your Destiny seminar in Term 1 and the Study Skills for Success seminar in Term 4. Both programs have been exceptionally well received by the students and feedback has indicated that they have found them to be not only entertaining but of real value. I would definitely recommend both programs as they have helped our students to identify pathways that are suited to their particular gifts and provide the motivation to set specific goals for school and beyond."

Mandy Bullock - Head of Careers & Student Support Services    
               Genesis Christian College, QLD    

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"Undoubtedly, participating in Darren’s Study Skills presentation was highly motivating for our students, rousing their determination and enthusiasm to succeed. His knowledge of HOW to study and his fervor definitely heightened our students’ interest in and commitment to their studies and enhanced their experience of Year 12 camp. DJ Benny was also a great hit with our students, sharing his expertise with them and showing interest in theirs. Our students appreciated the opportunity to ‘spin’ with Benny and discuss the music industry with him. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Darren, Benny and Paula for their professionalism. As a company, they have been delightful to work with! We look forward to working with them again in 2015."

Libby Barnes - Head of Pastoral Care    
               Moama Anglican Grammar School    

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“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for delivering an outstanding seminar to our Year 10 cohort. Most importantly, the students valued the day as indicated by the strength of the feedback results with nearly all students rating the day as either a 9 or 10 out of 10. Many students indicated that they felt inspired to take positive steps to achieving their goals and that they had a clearer picture of what direction they wanted to take their career and life. From a school perspective, this was exactly what we sought from the program and therefore the investment was definitely worthwhile.”

Torin Baker – Year 10 Coordinator   
               Galvin Park Secondary College 

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"Every workshop presented has been an outstanding success and certainly worth the time and money set aside. His programs are motivational; they are well presented, interactive and pedagogically sound. Most of all, however, it is his ability to engage and relate to students that makes him such an excellent presenter. I could not recommend him more highly."

John Picinalli – Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care   
               Marist-Sion College, Warragul   

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"I found what I was looking for in Success Integrated - cutting edge, student centered, entertaining but relevant and applicable goal setting for all students, not just those academically minded. Adding current music to the mix is simply inspiring…The seminars both had follow up procedures inherent in their structure, which was another vital ingredient that I had been seeking."

Murray Sydenham – Head of Senior Schoo
               Lyndhurst Secondary College 

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"His presentation skills are excellent and engaging. His knowledge is unquestionable, he has a high energy level, he is extremely motivating and he ensures that all students are involved in a fun time."

Mal Cater – Principal   
Mentone Grammar   

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Mentone Grammar - Mal Cater, from 2013

"His programs are interactive and his unique way of engaging students through use of a DJ playing the latest music, personal stories, word anchors and written material for students to follow up, makes his programs to our Year 10, 11 & 12 students highly effective & successful."

Alan Feher – Careers/VET/MIPs Co-ordinator   
Dandenong High School   

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"Many have used this seminar to kick-start their motivation to study hard at school. They have set specific academic goals and have created actionable steps to achieve their goal."

Ken Gill - Principal   
Macarthur Girls' High School   

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"Darren is an enthusiastic, articulate and empathetic presenter (and)...had the complete attention and co-operation of the boys…through a combination of…high-energy presentation skills, effective use of audio-visual techniques and engaging learning strategies."

Mark Vella – Director of Studies  
Auckland Grammar School  

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"The impact of the day has continued throughout the year as students are able to recall many of the ideas and techniques that they learnt at the seminar. I feel that many students who felt uncertain about the upcoming year were able to create a plan and set a focus for the upcoming year as a result of attending this seminar.I would recommend Darren's seminar to other schools."

Svetlana Onisczenko – Community Building Co-ordinator  
All Saints Senior Catholic College  

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"Their willingness to succeed, their freedom of choice and their passion for life were so vividly drawn on their faces, that I was deeply touched and overwhelmed by their response….I particularly found it amusing, that upon conclusion of the seminar, no student was prepared to move out of his or her seat. I recall you looking puzzled, wondering what they were all waiting for. And the answer was clear…it was you! They wanted more. Four hours of high powered energy, discussion and activity and the students wanted more."

Helen Karagounis – Yr 12 Co-ordinator   
Noble Park Secondary College   

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"I thought our Year 12 students were well engaged in your presentation and it was very interesting to watch the 'weaker, less motivated students sit there and absorb each and every word you said. Without question your presentation skills are sublime. Your ability to engage the students and relate to their experiences ensures they travel with you throughout the seminar. I certainly feel the seminar was worthwhile." 

Laura Gerbing - Senior School Program Manager   
Vermont Secondary College   

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"Darren has visited our school on several occasions and worked with Year 10 Yr 11 students. They were more than presentations as Darren's enthusiasm is contagious and even the toughest nuts are drawn into the sessions. He uses personal, interesting, entertaining, funny stories to teach skills and strategies. My favourite is the Lleyton Hewitt com'on story. Only Darren can tell this one."

Bill Kelly - Year 10 Coordinator   

Siena Catholic College, QLD   

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"Darren is able to reach students in a different way to most motivational speakers. He draws on elements of youth culture with practical and realistic goal setting. There is a strong element of self-reflection as means of getting students to consider what sort of person they want to be. Overall an effective balance of fun, motivation and strategies to achieve their goals."

Gary Tyler - HSS  
Caulfield Grammar - Wheelers Hill Campus  

"Fantastic program that motivates and encourages students. Darren has a natural ability to connect with students and inspire them. Every year our Year 10 students are lucky enough to explore their potential and future destinations with Darren. Perfectly timed just prior to work experience to get students thinking about their futures." 

Angela Fontana – Senior Careers Counsellor
Mt Lilydale Mercy College

"Kids were highly engaged / energised and clearly found a great deal in the Shape Your Destiny seminar, and expressed their enjoyment and appreciation."

Grant McMurdo - Year 12 Coordinator  
Princess Hill Secondary College  

"Very engaging and very motivational. Pitched at the right level and very entertaining. Great topics and use of media/examples."

Sam Wright - Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care/Daily Organisation  
Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College  

"An excellent workshop! Student engagement was very high, great practical advice and demonstrations, 10/10"

Henry Willis - Leadership Coordinator  
Haileybury College  

"Very highly engaging. Exactly what our Year 12's need. Great strategies to motivate our students and lead them to success."

Demi Stathopoulos - Welfare Coordinator  
Fountain Gate Secondary College  

"Always inspiring and well directed to the year level. Engaging and makes good connection with the students. Presents good approaches to changing / developing study skills in a fun presentation."

Christine Simpson - Senior School Coordinator   
Blackburn High School   

"We have been using Darren and the team at Success Integrated for the last 5 years to help motivate and inspire our senior students. Darren presents a highly professional & energised program that never fails to engage and entertain the students and give them the kick start they need when facing the challenge of VCE."

Natalie West - Senior Team Leader  
Bundoora Secondary College  

"Darren is an extremely enthusiastic and exceptional motivational speaker. He has developed programmes specifically targeted and tailored for students, who respond in a very positive way. In attending such a programme as Shape Your Destiny, students are given the opportunity to spend time hearing and thinking about messages and activities that are 'personally' about and for them. An invaluable experience."

Vicky Gray - Career Development Leader  
One Tree Hill College, NZ  

"Really engaged the students for 3 hours - no mean feat....Pitched at the right level. Gave students strategies for success...Well paced & meaningful / good variety of techniques....Excellent presentation & musical back up."

Trevor Stevens - Head of Senior School  
Mentone Grammar  

"A fantastic seminar. Kids are engaged and encouraged to really ‘think’ about their future. Truly motivational and an inspiration. Darren is a wonderful public speaker and on the same page as the kids. A must have in the school program"

Helen Gogos – Year 12 Coordinator  
Highvale Secondary College  

"Darren has been speaking to our Year 12 students at our orientation camp for 5 years. We have kept inviting him back because the students’ evaluation sheets are always very positive an say he helped them set goals and be very motivated to do their best in Year 12."

Grant Nicholl – Year 12 Coordinator  
Upwey High School  

"Both the 'Parenting Strategies for Teenage Success' and the VCE Success Strategies' workshops were extremely well received by parents and students alike (March 2014). Darren's presentations were engaging and based on audience interaction and key concepts were continually reinforced. The language used was appropriate and the booklets provided were exceptional resources. Highly recommended."

Noel McKay – Year 12 Co-ordinator
Trinity College, Colac

"Darren presented to our year 12 students (class 2010). The students responded brilliantly and leaving with increased self belief with practical steps and strategies for immediate effect and improvement"

Daryl Pollard – Senior School Principal
Heathdale Christian College

"Darren’s ‘VCE Success Strategies' seminar was very well received by our Year 12 students. He was able to convey his ideas in an entertaining, personable and captivating way, whilst strategically delivering some very important ideas and useful tips relating to VCE success. By the end of the seminar our Year 12 students had gained many invaluable skills and strategies for enhancing their VCE outcomes."

Victor Brusco – Director of Learning 
Nazareth College

"A motivating & energetic presentation that students responded really well to. The combination of music, videos & presentation was very engaging!"

Ann Maree Pagon – REC
St Josephs College - Ferntree Gully

"Darren works with our Year 11s presenting the Shape Your Destiny program. Feedback from students is excellent - they enjoy the presentation, the music & Darren's sense of humor. This helps them identify their skills, passions, talents to make future career decisions & increase their confidence and motivation."

Robyn Bear - Careers Advisor
Massey High School - Auckland (NZ)

"Students feel challenged & inspired. Great starting point for the Year 12’s. Ongoing strategies are invaluable."

Jim Tsakmakis – Senior School Coordinator
Bundoora Secondary College

"The seminar was engaging and motivating. The students responded very well to the information and the underlying messages in the seminar."

Zane Davidson – Year 11 Coordinator
Point Cook Senior Secondary College

"A very motivating and great start for the Yr 12 students at TCC."

Daniela Ando – Year 12 Coordinator
Thomas Carr College

"Very engaging. Related to the students interests and culture. Used repetition, visuals, auditory skills to secure information."

Brita Wardell
Craigieburn Secondary College

"Purposeful, simple and effective. Music component – a winner. Entertaining, engaging & enthusiastic. Good mix. Listening, writing & motivated."

Robyn Roberts – Year 11 Coordinator
Our Lady of Mercy College

"Darren – a very engaging and powerful seminar. Your capacity to present very useful techniques & practical aspects in the language & manner makes it both humerous & meaningful was outstanding. The students were actively engaged throughout and this cannot but be of assistance to them."

Martin Baxter – Senior School Coordinator
Blackburn College

"High energy presentations that engage the pupils attention well. The students reacted surprisingly well to Darren and leave feeling they have learnt something important. We modulated his language and speed of speaking to suit the ESL students. Overall, a great seminar and we will continue to use him."

Tony Byrne – Principal
Stotts College

"Outstanding. Boys love it!"

James Bentley – Deputy Principal
St Peter’s College (NZ)

"Darren kept the students engaged. They really enjoyed the day. He keeps you thinking and mixes up the activities. Lots of humour and challenge. Definitely inspiring."

Leisa Munro – Deputy Principal
Lynfield College (NZ)

"Always energetic and enthusiastic. Students love the music and really respond well to that ‘setting the scene’ – atmosphere of fun and learning."

Krista Durham – Head of Senior School
Montmorency Secondary College

"Able to move and inspire the students to focus on strategies for achieving their personal best. Thanks Dazza!"

Damian Dwyer – Associate Principal
Box Hill Senior Secondary College

"Students responded well – engaged & involved. Presentation is both entertaining and educational with important strategies aimed at encouraging young people to take control of their lives."

Grant McMurdo – Year 12 Coordinator
Princes Hill Secondary College

"Darren has high energy and engages kids well. Material is supported by teachers. While sessions are fun they contain solid practical advice and activities."

Anne King – Deputy Principal
Padua College

"Darren has a passion for inspiring young people to be their best through a mixture of motivation & education. "Shape Your Destiny" has assisted our students to consistently step out of their comfort zones and examine their innermost motivators."

Mark Brockhus – Deputy Principal, Head of Campus
St Francis Xavier College – Beaconsfield Campus

"Darren’s presentations are always entertaining and engaging. Students relate to his style and the format ensures retention of information and strategies. Darren has the knowledge and enthusiasm to provide a valuable experience for students"

Geoff Crawford – Curriculum Coordinator
Assumption College

"Darren is a dynamic presenter who really engages with the students. He is where they are at and connects extremely well with them. Content is relevant and inspires them to action."

Ken Bolton – Acting Yr 12 Coordinator
Siena Catholic College (QLD)

"Very inspirational & very positive presentation. I am sure every girl in this room could take something away and set some positive goals!"

Debbie Rodda – Head of Senior School
Pascoe Vale Girls College

"Darren’s high impact motivational session was well pitched to our Year 10 level and worth well within out Year 10 Future Focus Day."

Jo Hopkins – Careers
Mt Lilydale Mercy College

"This was very insightful. Darren was so energetic & exciting to watch & listen to. The students were really listening & participating all the way through. Thank-you, this was awesome!!"

Giovanna Mercuri – Teacher
Melton Secondary College

"Excellent presentation- very well organized, energetic, good message & useable strategies for students. Looking forward to seeing you again next year, Darren!!!"

Lyndel Grant – Director of Student Welfare
Matthew Flinders Anglican College (QLD)

"Darren was very engaging, even the students who are usually disinterested in everything were participating. The program was inspiring and we will certainly be following up with the students thoughout the year."

John Picinali – Deputy Principal
Marist-Sion College Warragul

"The timing of the seminar was ideal. The girls were engaged throughout and motivated to get involved. Excellent anecdotes and useful analogies, use of humour. Very entertaining."

Amanda Jackson – Head of Senior School
Canterbury Girls Secondary College

"Engaging and fun. Students are actively choosing for themselves and using your tools to become more aware of the choices they have, their talents and abilities."

Moana Brown – Deputy Principal of Yr 13
Avondale College (NZ)

"Darren works with our Yr 11s presenting the Shape Your Destiny program. Feedback from students is excellent - they enjoy the presentation, the music & Darren's sense of humour. This helps them identify their skills, passions, talents to make future career decisions & increase their confidence & motivation." 

Robyn Bear - Careers Advisor
Massey High School (NZ)

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