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"My achievements have been of great benefit to me personally and also to Harvey Norman...I was guilty of procrastination and lack of self discipline... The time that I have saved has allowed me to focus on High Payoff Activities...[which] I have been able to dedicate to growing the business...We have increased our dollar turnover by $45,000.00... 42% for the month (November)."

James Smith − Trainee Proprietor
Harvey Norman

"I set a number of goals prior to the course starting and I really didn't think I would achieve any/many of them by the dates we had set. I must say I have been very surprised by my not only achieving all my WIN WIN goals but by my setting extra goals throughout the course and achieving them too!"

Helen Attwood - Team Manager Customer Service & Support
NEC Business Solutions

"I was able to incorporate the course to address a wide range of issues. One of the greatest benefits I have realised is the new sense of connectivity between each of the core departments. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who really wants to achieve results."

Misbah Khan − Quality Assurance Manager
Visy Board

"Aside from the measured results and successes noted on my weekly feedback sheets resulting in $180,000 - $230,000 worth of sales...the main and most positive result of all outcomes...is the transfer from intent to actual in regards to planning daily routines, priorities and reviews. My diary is now my bible..."

Keith Gibson − Sales Representative
Visy Board

"I found the course extremely valuable...Not only did it provide me with motivation and drive towards my goals and aspirations...it also provided me with immediate work related benefits...I now leave the office each day on time, without stress and with an empty task list."

Kelly Zidziunas - Administration Manager
Professional Financial Planners

"By utilising the tools provided...to calculate my increased productivity, my company now enjoys one of their key employee's contributing an additional $50,000.00+... per year!"

Bruce Allan − District Manager − Victoria
Concordia International Forwarding


"...you are such a great motivator and inspiration. This has probably been the most valuable time I have spent..."

Shanon Fowler

"Darren is a very enthusiastic facilitator who is passionate about the content of the course."

Owen Routley − District Manager
Blockbuster Video

"I would like to thank you for your personal input into my development during the 6 week course. You have been positive, helpful, insightful and have helped me to grow in many of the areas which I had been unaware were stopping my development..."

James Smith − Trainee Proprietor
Harvey Norman

Action Asessing - Mark Payne

AIM Insurance - Blair Michie

AIM Insurance - Stuart Axford

B.H Heron - Karen Rogers

Bendigo Bank - Susanna Bevilacqua

Command Aikon - Dale Brownbridge

Excel - Phil Dean

Fortis - Kerrie

Fortis - Tony O'Kearney

Harvey Norman - Darren Andrews

Harvey Norman - James Smith

Harvey Norman - Robert Keoylian

Harvey Norman - Ramey Shamrock

JHB - Aslan Buyukyazici

NCI Packaging - Brett Aldons

NCI Packaging - Chris Dellios

NCI Packaging - Michelle Thompson

NCI Packaging - Paul Downs

NEC - Allan Round

NEC - Cameron Craig

NEC - Dale Buckley

NEC - Helen Attwood

NEC - Mark Newman

PFP - John Robson

PFP - Kelly Zidzuinas

Philip Webb - Ken Sharpe

Philip Webb - Cara Paton

Philip Webb - Kristy Barr

Philip Webb - Naomi Smith

Philip Webb - Robert Cincotta

Philip Webb - Michelle Harvey

Rocket - Marcus Goodwin

The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy - Angie Spry

VACC Insurance - Kayleen George

VACC Insurance - Wendy Matthews

VACC Insurance - Tracey Hughes

VACC Insurance

VISY - Eddie Scaffo

VISY - Misbah Khan

VISY - Thomas Smith

VISY - Jackie Woodgate

VISY Displays - Angelo Pouflis

VISY Packaging - Catherine Dunn


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