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Key Strategies to Raising Academic Achievement & Engaging Y-Gen Students

We have developed a 1 - 1.5 hour targeted PD session addressing 3 of the critical areas governing student performance.

Having spoken to approximately 230,000 students & teachers across Australia & NZ over the last 10 years, Darren Pereira is considered to be one of the leading consultants & speakers in:

  1. maximising student achievement; &
  2. developing teaching best practice.

Click here to download the presentation we use to address the 3 key outcomes stipulated below:

1. Raising staff's expectations of students

  1. how to instill confidence in students so that they believe in their abilities to learn & achieve
  2. how to build a teacher's sense of self efficacy so that they don’t inadvertently limit student success

2. Raising students' expectations for academic excellence

  1. how to reinforce a positive self image in students so that they expect & achieve their best
  2. how to identify beliefs & language that limit student achievement & turn it around quickly & effectively
  3. how to use growth mindset methodologies to raise student performance

"I loved the communication section - I found it relevant and worthy. Praise effort and not talent will be my mantra." - Sheryl Harper - Teacher

3. Engaging & motivating 'Y Gen' students

  1. how any teacher can use 12 simple, yet highly effective 'edu-tainment' (education + entertainment) strategies to maximise student engagement
  2. how to intrinsically motivate students to perform to their potential & not their past performance

The way we conduct this workshop is unique and certainly not a 'chalk & talk' session. This is PD like it's never been delivered before & is sure to give your staff highly effective strategies that they will be able to use immediately!

"I felt more empowered and inspired to be a better teacher. I learnt great, concrete ideas / techniques." - Jennifer Smith

Please understand, that you will not be able to ascertain the:

  1. anecdotes;
  2. stories;
  3. examples; &
  4. activities...

from the downloaded presentation. However, if you are interested in the program, Darren would be most happy to have a brief 10 - 15 minute chat about the finer details to ensure it meets your needs.

Darren takes bookings 6 months to 1 year in advance, so if you are keen, be sure to call +61 3 9851 6000 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to make a time to speak with Darren directly.

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