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Success Integrated is a holistic educational company focusing on building the student – teacher – parent partnership.  

Having spoken to approximately 350,000 students, staff and parents in four countries and running over 300 seminars a year, 

makes us one of the largest providers of wellbeing, careers and study skills programs in Australasia.

Clients tell us that our student achievement and well-being programs are very interactive and our unique way of engaging

students through use of a D.J. playing the latest music, personal stories, word anchors and written material for students to follow up,

makes our programs highly effective and successful.

For a full list & description of the student programs we run, please scroll down.

Alternatively, you can download our printable brochure (Seminar Guide) here.

We also run staff & parenting programs.

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What we do differently?

E.n.E.R.G.Y. is an acronym describing the essence of our programs which is:

Entertaining 'n' Educating Resilient Generation Y students. That is, Generation Y students need the 4C's for success:


Students with direction set goals & are motivated to achieve high academic results to get there.


Students with self belief have high aspirations, which brings out their potential, resulting in high achievement.


Students that develop resiliency strategies bounce back from disappointment; essential to succeed in school & life.


Students empowered with study & leadership skills achieve outstanding academic results & life mastery.

The EnERGY programs below have been specifically designed to develop the 4C's for student success.

Scroll down for a full description of our programs.

What can you expect from our programs?

A DJ with turn tables playing the latest music to entertain the students & create an electric atmosphere.

Powerful VAK engagement strategies featuring powerful video clips, fun games, interactive activities, deep reflection, humour, memory tags.

& spaced repetition to maximise retention as well as entertain & educate students.

Comprehensive workbooks packed with practical strategies & useful tips for students to keep as a resource.

Email coaching open to any student for the entire year FREE.

Activities for the teachers to run as a follow up to ensure that the ideas are implemented & the positive momentum continues.

FREE website tools & resources as well as blogs & videos on facebook for students to use following the seminar.

Evaluations completed for all programs that are comprehensively analysed & issued to the school within 14 days for senior management review.

All programs are run by our well trained & experienced speakers. 

Program Information

Study Skills for Success


  • to give students the motivation, organisational systems, study habits & resilience required to achieve academic excellence
  • to give students the edge by developing the critical habits of mind necessary for academic success

Year Level(s)

  • 7 to 12 or 9 - 13 in NZ


  • 1.5 hours

Study Skills for Success is a 2 – 2.5 hour seminar which includes a wide range of study tips & methodologies as well as the vitally important character traits required to apply

these skills for optimum success. Combine these tools with a live DJ playing the latest music & you now have what we call ‘edu-tainment’ (education + entertainment). The

perfect mix for Gen Y students who need relevant, practical strategies, delivered to them in a captivating engaging manner.

"I had a negative attitude before this seminar. I now know how to become positive, create a study / homework plan & study smarter. All your tips were so practical.

I'm gonna go straight home, put on that baroque music & study, study, study!" - Year 11 student

Study Skills for Success (also knows as 'VCE Success Strategies' in Victoria) is a study skills program with a difference. It combines study skills with motivational,

organisational & resiliency strategies, to give senior school students the tools needed to maximise their academic results.

It can be run either:

1. at the beginning of the year to prepare them for the challenges ahead;

2. four to six weeks before mid year exams for maximum leverage of the ideas learnt; or

3. when the year starts to take its toll on the students & they require that much needed lift to knuckle down & focus.

To ensure the students can remember & recall the message, we use an effective acronym - B.E.S.T.:

Belief: to raise their expectations & standards & develop the inner confidence to perform at their best in school & life

Excellence: systems to manage themselves & their workload efficiently

Study: a tool kit of highly effective & easily implementable study techniques to measurably maximise their study scores

Toughness: a variety of mental strategies to help students become resilient in the face of adversity & to bounce back from failure

3-way partnership

We also run programs for teachers and parents to help them support the study skills taught in this program. If teachers are reinforcing the message in the Study Skills for

Success program and the parents are empowered to work with their child to ensure they are applying the study skills & organisational strategies taught, then everyone is

on the same page.

Exam Success Strategies


  • to help students prepare for their exams & give them effective exam room strategies to increase their exam performance
  • to help motivate students & give them useful strategies to deal with exam stress

Year Level(s)

  • 10 to 12


  • 1.5 hours

Areas covered include how to:

· prepare & predict up to 70% of the exam;

· reduce up to 50% off their study time in the lead up to their exams;

· manage time in an exam;

· build exam confidence;

· avoid being fooled by tricky exam questions;

· gain extra marks on their exam;

· overcome getting a mental block; &

· remain calmcentered & focused during a tough exam.

Along with all of the above, tools are available on this website ranging from past examinations, to baroque music, to visualisation videos & learning styles questionnaires.

These can all be accessed via password access completely FREE.


Power to Persist

Power to Persist is designed to develop resilience, grit & foundational study habits that will serve Year 9 students now & prepare them for the rigours of senior academic study.  


  • to help students understand the power of sustained effort through developing a growth mindset. 
  • to develop grit so that students persist in the face of challenge & adversity.
  • to provide practical strategies for students to establish effective study routines & habits.   

Year level



  • 1.5 hours

Born to Succeed


  • to help students develop the necessary resiliency strategies to not just 'survive' but 'thrive' at school & life
  • to motivate & inspire students to step out of their comfort zone & extend themselves beyond their current academic performance

Year Level(s)

  • 7 to 12


  • 1.5 hours

Success Without Stresss


  • to develop the life skills & success strategies necessary for students to effectively deal with the real causes of their stress
  • to empower students to overcome & re-frame their limiting beliefs so that they can develop strong learning confidence for academic & life success

Year Level(s)

  • 11 to 12


  • 1.5 hours

Success without Stress is a powerful workshop ideal for students in Years 11 & 12 or Years 12 & 13 (NZ), looking to overcome exam pressure and achieve

outstanding results both academically and in life.

In the Success without Stress workshop, we present almost 20 years of personal study and deep research in psychology and philosophy to drive to the 

root cause underlying:

  •  student stress;
  •  poor performance; &
  •  low self esteem.

The workshop goes far beyond the basic motivational tips and stress management techniques spoken about today and deals with:

  •  success strategies to conquer the 3 causes of stress;
  •  how to overcome the 3 major fears that inhibit performance;
  •  6 keys to preventing burn out;
  •  practical ways to develop a positive self image and succeed; &
  •  the secret to creating strong self belief, inner confidence & becoming self motivated.


Achieve Your B.E.S.T.


  • to help students overcome the 'hitting the wall' syndrome by recharging their emotional batteries, refocusing & becoming productive for the remainder of the year
  • to motivate & inspire senior school students to set goals, become well organised & believe in their ability to achieve their best academically

Year Level(s)

  • 12 or 13 in NZ


  • 1.5 hours

Achieve Your B.E.S.T. is a program specifically geared for Year 12 or Year 13 (NZ) students as they start to experience a dip in their motivation &/or ‘hit the wall’.

Often around late Term 2 or Term 3, Year 12 or 13 students start to feel tired, stressed & unmotivated.


1. It’s winter and it’s cold, wet & miserable;

2. They may be going through the motions with their homework & study;

3. They may have performed badly in their mid year exams (if they had any) & are disappointed with their results; &

4. Many are turning 18 and just want to get out of school, be independent, party hard & be carefree.

This combination of events can be a recipe for poor academic achievement which in turn reflects badly on the school.

To address this issue, many schools run programs from mid – late Term 2 or in Term 3 to slow down the ‘hitting the wall’ syndrome. By running programs designed to motivate

& build student resilience at this critical time of year, you give your Year 12 or 13 students every opportunity to start fresh.

Achieve Your B.E.S.T. is a perfect 1.5 hour motivation, goal setting, organisation & resilience program geared to helping Year 12 or 13 students recharge their emotional

batteries, get refocused & become productive for the remainder of the year.

When you combine our 12 years experience in working with Gen Y students, our passion, enthusiasm & energy, with a live DJ using turn tables & playing the latest music,

you have, what we at Success Integrated call, ‘edu-taininment’

Potential to Performance


  • to measurably increase the study scores of under performing Year 12 students by at least 10% & push the academic bell curve to the right
  • to provide under performing students with a skill set of psychological, motivational, study effectiveness & tracking tools to maximise their academic achievement

Year Level(s)

  • Year 12 students identified as performing below potential (maximum 30 students as the program includes mentoring)


  • 1.5 hours x 6 fortnightly workshops


Shape Your Destiny


  • to remove student confusion & uncertainty about their future by aligning their passions, talents & ideals to a pathway best suited to them
  • to create a year level of students who are motivated to perform well at school because they have connected to a compelling future
  • to set written & specific goals to give students focus & direction at school & beyond
  • to create a step-by-step plan of action, designed by the students, which will be the blueprint for their academic & career success

Year Level(s)

  • 9 to 12 or 10 - 13 in NZ


  • ½ day (3 - 3.5 hours)
  • 2 hours (abridged version)

Shape Your Destiny is considered to be one of the most effective seminars run throughout Australia & New Zealand because it addresses the cause of why many students

lack motivation at school and are unclear about their future. 

Shape Your Destiny is a ½ day seminar ideally suited for Years 9 - 12 or Years 10 - 13 in NZ and is designed to help students: 

1. remove their confusion & uncertainty about their future by aligning their passionstalents & ideals to a career tailor made for them;

2. write specific goals to give them focus & direction at school & beyond;

3. create a step-by-step plan of action to follow through within 7 days, to build momentum toward their academic & career goals; &

4. boost their confidence & self esteem for high achievement.

The success of the Shape Your Destiny seminar lies in our unique ability to inspire students to take immediate action! By helping students develop the 3Cs for success:

Clarity direction in their life;

Character - the resilience to follow through on their goals; &

Competence - the skills to be able to take effective action…

Darren takes students on an unforgettable journey of self discovery so that they are empowered to make life shaping choices about their future.

To engage students, we create an entertaining & high energy learning environment using:

  • music played by a professional DJ for maximum receptivity;
  • leading edge learning strategies for long-term retention;
  • proven techniques for self motivation; &
  • powerful tools & exercises to help students make high quality decisions.

We help students become highly motivated to perform well academically because they see school as a means to fulfilling their career aspirations.

“I realised how important it is for me to do something I love and am good at. I can now discipline myself & be more organised with my [academic] goals.”

FACT : After surveying 5,010 students across Australia & NZ, 87% said they felt clearer about their future after participating in the Shape Your Destiny seminar.

Secondary school students become highly motivated to perform better academically after participating in the Shape Your Destiny seminar.


The Leadership Challenge


  • to develop student leaders to set the right tone for the year & create a successful school culture
  • to teach the 'how to's' of student leadership so they can excel in their areas of responsibility
  • to build a strong bond amongst the leaders so that they work well as a team & represent the school as a united body

Year Level(s)

  • 7 to 12 SRC, school leaders or prefects


  • 1/2 day (3 hours)
  • The full day program includes goal setting & action plans so that students can plan their year's activities in advance

Student Leaders play a vital role in setting the right tone and upholding the values of a school. When the student leadership team work effectively with staff & students to

deliver this outcome, a successful school culture emerges.

The Leadership Challenge (TLC) is a ½ day workshop for School Leaders & is designed to help them:

1. understand & develop an inspiring vision & goal to lead others effectively;

2. harness their ability to motivate students to become actively involved in school life;

3. build strong relationships with staff & students to accomplish set goals & establish a successful school culture; &

4. embody the essential attitudes required for successful leadership.

Student evaluations consistently rate The Leadership Challenge 9 / 10 because it is based on the ‘how to’s’ of leadership & not merely theories that lack utility.

The practical nature of the workshop involves students:

  • writing, reflecting & discussing to help them digest the concepts being taught; &
  • role playing to simulate ‘real’ situations so that the learning is contextualised & meaningful.

To bring everything together experientially, Darren runs fantastic leadership & team building exercises to help embody the leadership skills they learn & bring the

students together to work as a harmonious group.

“...since doing the seminar I feel a lot more prepared...confident...and have better skills [in] dealing with people and communicating...Since hearing you speak today

I am now inspired and encouraged to be a really positive leader within the school community.”

Laura Burchell – School Captain

Geelong Grammar School

The Turning Point


  • to break down the divisions, negativity & bullying within a year level & have the students unite as one team

Year Level(s)

  • Years 9 to 12


  • 2 - 3 hours

Stage 1: ‘If you Really Knew Me - Challenge Day’ DVD

The purpose of this video is to:

1. help students realise the negative impact that bullying & cliques have on people’s lives; &

2. open students up to the ‘shocking’ realities of what young people go through mentally.

Stage: 2: Reflection

Invite students to reflect on 'The Challenge Day' video & the implications it has for them & the year level.

Invite students to uncover their insecurities by identifying the psychological masks they wear.

Have students complete the sentence: “If you really knew me, you would know that...”

Invite students to share their reflections – this is an extremely powerful & emotional part of the session; where many unexpected disclosures of personal demons, hardships

& traumas are shared, which enables the sharer & the listeners to become vulnerable in a ‘safe’ environment*. This opens up the whole year level to a new level of honesty

& we see empathy & support being shown spontaneously to fellow students.

* It is advised that there are student welfare or counselling staff available during this workshop.

Stage 3: ‘Crossing the Line’ activity

This exercise demonstrates that all students (regardless of race, colour, creed, personality, status etc) have problems & that we are all in the same boat.

Students start to see that the most unlikely people share similar issues & start to identify with each other in a unique way.

Stage 4: ‘Letting go’ process

Here is where students are invited to write a letter of forgiveness to a person (either in the year level or outside) releasing themselves from the baggage of the past.

The Release Technique is taught to them which enables students to 'let go' of emotional baggage & anger.

Stage 5: Realising their greatness

At this stage, we show students a clip from the movie ‘Akeelah & the Bee’. Students identify with the main character & understand how psychological sabotage occurs & how

to view themselves in a different light & become all they can be.

Stage 6: Commitment to change

From this point forward students make powerful decisions to change their old attitudes & behaviours & adopt empowering beliefs. This is crystallised once they write an

action plan and commit to following it through after the workshop.

Stage 7: T.E.A.M. Game

The final stage is for the students to work together with others they would not ordinarily associate or interact with in a very engaging team game. Here, they experientially learn

how to work together in a harmonious, fun & productive manner. The game creates a very positive energy & bonds the students together. The debrief following, helps them to

realise the power of working together as 'one'.

Author: Darren Pereira


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