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4 Steps to Breaking Your Old Habits & Transforming Your Life!

Darren, your program has turned my life around…I had broken up with someone…I was over worked & underpaid, my career was  going nowhere…[and] I was a heavy drinker…I am now in recruitment…been promoted twice in 18 months…have tripled my income…met the most wonderful man and now he is my husband…And life keeps getting better.”

- Sarah Francis – Recruitment Manager (Melbourne, Victoria)

What is the seminar about?

Shape Your Destiny is designed to help you:

1. understand how your limiting beliefs have held you back from achieving what you most want;

2. breakthrough old belief patterns & create new ones that empower you to live the way you choose;

3. create a fulfilling life that is aligned to your purpose & passion;

4. design a fitness & nutrition plan to help you look, feel & be your very best.

Confidence & Comfort Zones

Want to know what’s really holding you back? Want to gain the inner confidence to achieve your boldest goals?

Watch the video below:

Passion & Purpose

Do you want to do what you love & love what you do? Are you looking for meaning & purpose in your job / life?

“[In] the Shape Your Destiny seminar...I was able to identify my passions, and my purpose in life and also in my career and then systematically break down the obstacles to success known as limiting beliefs by creatively re shaping the image I had of myself…The outcome was amazing, out of the 5 jobs I applied for, I made the final round for 3 of them. I was…offered a job during this Global Financial Crisis…Darren…helped build up my own pillars of strength so that I could unleash my natural potential.”

Akhilesh Bhatia - Relationship Banking Graduate, Westpac Retail & Business Banking

Personality & the Real You

Do you really know yourself? Would you like to discover your uniqueness & work with your natural strengths?

“Darren has helped me find out what really motivates me and… has helped me change direction in life, aim higher and move forward… Darren has transformed my life in an invaluable way.”

Karishma Purswaney - Teacher

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving me the tools to change my life. The past month has shown me so much in terms of how I see myself and what my potentials truly are. The sky is the limit and I KNOW I can do anything, be anyone, and go anywhere!”

Melanie Dimstas – Customer Service Team Leader, Telstra

Why would you want to attend?

What’s the biggest challenge you're facing at the moment?  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing it?  Are you really happy with your career…your relationships…your income...your confidence?

Discover what’s holding you back and breakthrough!

This is what you can expect:

1. an enlightening & inspiring day with world renowned Peak Performance Coach, Darren Pereira;

2. a workbook jammed packed with strategies that can move you into action & transform your life;

3. the world famous MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Personality Profile valued at $125;  

4. a 1 Month Gym Membership valued at $140;

5. full catering - healthy & tasty morning & afternoon tea plus lunch; &

6. a chance to win a door prize worth over $2,000.

All of this for just $147 or buy two tickets for just $250.

Comments from attendees

Watch a short video on what past attendees thought of the seminar:

Places are strictly limited and will be confirmed once payment has been received. The seminar is expected to be fully booked so confirm payment soon to avoid disappointment.

We all have dreams.  What’s yours?

If you were anything like me, the moment I even dared to think of my dream, multiple reasons flooded into my mind as to why I couldn’t achieve it.

These fears, expressing as my limiting beliefs, held me back for 5 years before I did anything about it.  How l-o-n-g has it been for you?

The negative feelings and lack of confidence that these fears cause, have a huge grip over us and can crush our dreams.  I want you to imagine - just for a minute - a life without these limiting beliefs.

If you could not fail, what results would you be able to achieve in your career, relationships, health & income?

Your opportunity to transform your mind, body & soul is what you can expect from the Shape Your Destiny 4 step transformational program.

Register now...your new life is just one click away.

“I was unsure…about doing your program…but as you know, I am now a huge advocate of what you do because you have helped me change my life and I now have the life that I wanted.”  - Sarah Francis: Recruitment Manager (Melbourne, Victoria)

It’s your choice not chance that determines your destiny.

Make the choice to step forward into growth not back into your comfort zone...because one thing’s for sure:

‘If you don't start, it's certain you can't arrive'.

Register & take the first small step toward a new life. You deserve it!

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