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Paresh Nama - NZ

Paresh Nama is a Success Coach who is passionate about empowering young people to reach their potential. He runs transformational workshops and camps for teenagers and young adults to help them break through their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals. He also spends his free time coaching young people to push past emotional blocks in their relationships and career decision-making.

Paresh thinks BIG! In three years he turned around a failing business making losses, to one with multiple revenue streams earning in excess of $1 million. He took a local dance school and turned it into New Zealand's premier Bollywood Production House. Together with his wife, he tripled the student enrollments, created a niche in the market which attracted media coverage on TV NZ and TV3 and have run 3 world class Bollywood Dance Shows packing out venues like ASB Theatre & Vodafone Events Centre. And all of this by 26.

Paresh has the ability to inspire young people to raise their expectations and achieve their best using a unique blend of quick wit, practical strategies and powerful messages that will leave your students wanting more.

If you're looking for a person that can engage young people and is a role model for achieving success at a young age, then Paresh is your man!

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