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Neil Swanney - NZ

Neil is an experienced senior company executive with 15 years General Management experience and several more years in sales and marketing. He has successfully managed multinational organisations in both Australia and New Zealand.

Having worked in the people management space for decades, Neil recognised the need for a development process that created behaviour change.  He found what he was looking for in the ‘High Performance Essentials – The Ultimate Behaviour Change Program’. Neil bought the NZ rights to this corporate training program after meeting with the founder of Success Integrated, Darren Pereira. Neil and Darren recognised that a behaviour change process was virtually non-existent in the NZ market and this needed to change. Darren believed that there was a natural synergy between Neil’s vast business experience and skills sets and the pragmatic content of the program. Neil believes that if this course was available to his people, he would have seen measurable improvements in their producutivty and performance which would have directly affected the bottom line.

Neil loves people and has always enjoyed coaching his staff to be effective in their roles and has set many of them up for career advancement. His experience has taught him to be objective, empathetic and highly accountable for results.  

Companies need a competitive edge if they want to stay ahead of the market and for the most part, this is found in the quality of their people. Having Neil develop your people through a process that creates behaviour change in line with strategic objectives, will equate to high performance and measurable results. 

If you would like Neil to assess your people development needs at no obligation, please contact him on either 021 974 442 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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